When: 25 November (Thursday) Time: 18-19.30 CET

Where: ZOOM platform

Registration: https://bit.ly/3od36ly (registration open till 23 Nov)

Prof. Andreotti will talk about the interface between the questions of historic and systemic violence (e.g. racism, colonialism) and questions related to our unsustainable habits of being (e.g. exponential growth and consumption). This open lecture will be based on the work of the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures collective and the book “Hospicing modernity -Facing humanity’s wrongs and implications for social activism”.

“It is not possible to have genuine and in-depth conversations about climate change and climate justice without also considering the many aspects of ongoing historic and systemic violence, such as racism and colonialism that are foundational to our modern societies. Without addressing our complicity in systemic harm, no amount of “green thinking” and green technology in itself will suffice to create potentially different, and hopefully more just societies of the future. The key question that this public lecture will try to address is: What do we need to (un)learn and let go of so that we can stop repeating the violent and unsustainable patterns of our current habits of being?”

We can’t understand climate crisis without raising awareness about racism!