International conference for youth, civil society representatives and Academia

-19 MAY 2023-


As a central topic climate change is the biggest threat to humanity today and it needs transnational and
multinational solutions. That is why essential is creation of a strong European political community which is
(inter-)active, diverse and able to form and express opinions in political debate. While the turnout in the last EU election was the largest in 25 years, citizens of diverse backgrounds and mobile union citizens remain underrepresented among active EU voters as well as democratic engagement. Our project and conference aims to decrease the democratic participation gap of young citizens, citizens of diverse backgrounds, mobile union citizens in a gender balanced way by showing them their voices matter.

The main goal of the conference is to discuss the results of research on UE political parties programs, youth opinions and participation practices to develop new quality format of debate in which topics concerned with climate change and sustainability are highlighted.


Place of the conference: SKŁAD SOLNY, UL. NA ZJEŹDZIE 8 KRAKÓW (POLAND)

If you have any questions please contact:
KLARA- Magdalena Klarenbach:
tel. +48 608422208