The climate crisis is affecting everyone – but not equally. Those who globally suffer most are the least likely to contribute to it – and often do not get to decide on measures and strategies against the crisis. In Poland and Germany, like in other countries of the Global North, the challenges of the current climate crisis lead to demarcation and a desire to defend privileges. This encourages the growth of racist attitudes and social divisions – a challenge for civil society actors who strive for climate justice in Poland as well as in Germany.

Participating in the seminar will bring you:

  • insight into underprivileged / minorities / indiginious / Global South perspectives
  • reflection on social dimensions of climate crisis
  • a closer look at post-colonial systemic violence leading to inequality
  • peer to peer learning and…unlearning
  • practical tools and advice on how I as an individual or us as an organisation can become change makers for climate justice
  • networking with other engaged actors/people
  • an opportunity to have a look and exchange about the situation in the neighbouring country (Poland and Germany).

We invite civil society representatives, activists and multipliers, engaged in the field of the climate crisis and/or social justice, who wish to reflect more on the topic of climate crisis and racism in a Polish-German group.

Please register until 21 of November 2021
Participants from Germany:
Participants from Poland:

In the program, among others:

DAY 1, 25.11.2021, Thursday: Lecture by Vanessa AndreottiGesturing Towards Decolonial Futures” the lecture is open, registration here ( till 23.11)

DAY 2, 26.11.2021, Friday: Workshop on Climate (In)justice by Black Earth Kollektiv

DAY 3, 27.11.2021, Saturday:

  • Presentation “Central European Exception? Or: From Iron Curtain to Green Curtain?” by  Ondřej Slačálek, Short input on the global discourses in Eastern European countries: the semiperipheral position and different than Western narratives
  • Marta Górczyńska from Grupa Granica, Short input about the situation and activist experiences from the crisis on Polish-Belarussian border.

If you have any questions please contact: